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Glossary of Thomas Kinkade Art Terms Linen liner The frame component that goes between the wood outer frame and the art. The liner is made of either linen or silk wrapped wood, usually white or natural but can be black. It provides visual relief between the frame and art, as well as provides a design element that brings the eye in from the frame to the art. This is a very traditional technique. Lithograph Canvas Transfer The process by which images are taken from paper lithographs and transferred onto canvas. This process was widely used before the Gicle�� process became standard. ME- Master Edition The Master Edition is the ultimate expression of detail, artist involvement and collectability of any edition issued by the Publisher. Each Master Edition was extensively hand-highlighted by Thomas Kinkade and he hand sketched a highly detailed remarque on the verso side of the canvas. Enhancing the exclusivity of the Master Edition is the personal touch of the artist���s unique thumbprint and Master Edition seal located on the back of the canvas. To signify authenticity, the Master Edition was hand-signed in metallic ink by Thomas Kinkade. Each Master Edition is designated with the letter ME during the numbering process. This edition is now retired. Narrative panorama A painted landscape or scene, which tells a story. Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star, Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland, and A Victorian Christmas Carol are examples of Thomas Kinkade���s narrative panorama. OE-Open Edition Prints or lifestyle goods which are not limited in quantity to a pre-assigned edition number. Canvas Classics, Gift Prints, Inspirationals and Brushworks are all popular open edition Thomas Kinkade products. Original These are the paintings Thomas Kinkade created by hand ��� the images on which the printed editions are masterfully based. The copyright for the original artwork is owned by Thomas Kinkade, the Estate of Thomas Kinkade, the Kinkade Family Trust, Thomas Kinkade Studios, LLC and/or one or more of their assignees and extends to all preparatory studios, sketches, layouts, design work, including character design and architectural design, color schemes, final rendering and brushwork by Thomas Kinkade and/or any apprentices, assistants, designers, and graphic artists involved with the creation of the artwork. The original used in printing these Limited Edition prints has, in most cases, been retained for archival purposes. Plein air En plein air, or open air painting, is a French term used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Thomas Kinkade thoroughly enjoyed this style of painting and used it to further his understanding of the luminous effects of natural light. In fact, it was his most favorite style of painting and he would often paint en plein air and use what he learned to illuminate his studio works. PP- Publisher Proof The Publisher Proof is a small edition available at the discretion of the Publisher. Hand-highlighted and numbered, they are designated PP and carry a back-stamp identifying each canvas as a Publisher Proof. 265

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