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2013 Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Catalog (g)

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Limited Edition Comprehensive Catalog EP- Examination Proof The Examination Proof is a special canvas edition offered to our participating Limited Edition galleries as an opportunity for collectors to preview select new releases. The canvases are individually hand-highlighted, have the designation of EP in the numbering process and have a small edition size. Fillet A frame component that goes between either the wood outer frame and the art or the linen liner and the art. Usually gold, though it can be any color or style, it serves to add a visual element that highlights the art and gives the eye a smooth transition from the frame to art. Gallery Wrap The style of presenting an image for display where the canvas is pulled over the sides of the stretcher bars and is secured in the back. There is no frame used, which creates a contemporary, modern look. Many of Thom���s images have been published in this style. Gicle�� The process by which a Thomas Kinkade original or Thomas Kinkade Studios print is created through an extremely meticulous and high quality practice of print making. The latest large format printers, lightfast inks and light calibrations are used to achieve the finest color replication of the original. Highlighting The brush painting process by which extensively trained Master Highlighters apply extra luminosity, texture and dimension to a Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition canvas. Impressionism The Impressionism art movement originated in and around Paris, France in the late 1800���s. It is marked by the open composition of common subject matter. Impressionism emphasizes natural and accurate depictions of light. International Editions (I/SN, I/AP, I/GP, I/PP, I/EP, I/AN, I/EE, I/RE, I/SP, I/ME) International editions are reserved for distribution outside of the United States and generally are comparable to the corresponding domestic editions. Kinkadian The style, or genre, of art for which Thomas Kinkade pioneered and made popular. The Kinkadian style is marked by beautiful and quaint scenery and inspirational subject matter- often depicting a simpler time. Thomas Kinkade became known as the Painter of Light��� due in large part to his focus on the light sources in a painting. Quintessential examples of Kinkadian works are Foxglove Cottage, The Garden of Prayer, and The Cross. Limited Edition Images published by The Thomas Kinkade Company in a finite or limited number. Limited Edition images cannot be printed beyond their predestinated edition quantity. Limited Edition prints will have their specific print number and their edition designation displayed by the signature block, usually in the lower right corner of the image making each Limited Edition print unique. 264

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