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Glossary of Thomas Kinkade Art Terms Glossary of Thomas Kinkade Art Terms Allegory Allegory has been used widely throughout the history of art, and in all forms of artwork as a devise in which characters or events represent or symbolize ideas and concepts. A reason for this is that allegory has immense power of illustrating complex ideas and concepts in a digestible, concrete way. AP- Artist Proof The Artist Proof canvases are individually hand-highlighted and are designated with the letters A/P during the numbering process. Archive Collection Images published years after they were originally painted. Atelier Literally meaning ���workshop,��� atelier came to define a group of craftsmen or artists who learn from a master. Several years before his passing, Thomas Kinkade began his own atelier to pass down his honed artistic skills and iconic style. This atelier became the Thomas Kinkade Studios. Canvas Classic A collection of popular Thomas Kinkade titles in an open edition format masterly crafted using premium canvas on board and museum quality frames. Chiaroscuro Literally translated as light-dark. This painting technique utilizes both light and dark areas of the scene to help convey mood. Thomas Kinkade used the clear contrasts prevalent when he incorporated numerous light sources in his paintings. It was an aspect of Thom���s Kinkadian style which eventually helped define him as the Painter of Light���. Collection/Series A group of images which share a subject matter. Even after a painting was finished, Thom liked to continue to paint particular themes which he was fond of. Early Works Early in Thom���s painting career, the influence of his trip to Alaska and his childhood in Northern California was heavy and his Kinkadian style was just beginning to develop. In these early works, Thomas Kinkade loved to paint grand landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas in the Albert Bierstadt tradition. EE- Estate Edition The Estate Edition is an extremely limited edition created with a textured process. It is then finished by a Master Highlighter with additional highlighting and a special hand sketched remarque is applied to the verso side of the canvas. Each Estate Edition is designated by a letter E/E during the numbering process. 263

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