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2013 Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Catalog (g)

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2011 Thom commemorates an American classic film favorite, Gone With the Wind anniversary with his painting of the same name p. 87 April 6, 2012 2006 Thom visits Jerusalem and is inspired to paint A Prayer for Peace p. 175 2008 Thom commemorates the 50th Running of the Daytona 500 with the painting NASCAR�� THUNDER The 50th Running of the DAYTONA 500�� p. 95 2008 2007 Thomas Kinkade 1958-2012 Celebrated American Artist Thomas Kinkade leaves behind a legacy that will live on for generations Thomas Kinkade partners with Disney to paint the Disney Dreams Collection p. 93 An inspirational movie, Christmas Cottage depicting the early life of Thomas Kinkade is released p. 34 2012 2012 Disney elements �� Disney Future releases of Thom���s vaulted paintings and new paintings from The Thomas Kinkade Studios still to come... Limited Edition painting for March 2012, Gazebo of Prayer was his last published painting while he was alive p. 149

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