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Limited Edition Comprehensive Catalog The Open Gate The Open Gate, overgrown with flowers, is based on a real location in the English Cotswolds. I���ve kept the sketch for years, waiting for the perfect occasion to use it. I���ve found it now. This unassuming portal, perhaps a half-forgotten side entrance to the gardens, is left open as an invitation to all. Will your childlike heart inspire you to journey forward? The Open Gate | 1999 Summer Gate II Image Sizes 12" x 16", 16" x 20", 18" x 24" Summer Gate Every gate, to paraphrase a favorite song, has its season. The season for this dramatic portal, with its monumental pillars and ornate ironwork, its lavish blossoms and delicate palette of floral colors, clearly is summer. Summer Gate introduces my third print series to embrace the promise of a season by exploring the enticing world that lies beyond a secluded gate. Summer Gate | 1999 Summer Gate I Image Sizes 18" x 24", 25.5" x 34", 30" x 40" 158

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