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Gardens, Gates & Bridges Bridge of Hope The Bridge of Hope is as sturdy as the massive granite flagstones that form its arch and will stand for as long as the quicksilver brook rolls down from the hills beneath it. A magnificent white dogwood, symbol of the purity of God���s grace, shades the bridge. Its over-arching boughs remind us that, while we stand on the Bridge of Hope, we are enshrouded by the loving embrace of our creator. Bridge of Hope | 2003 Bridges of Inspiration I Image Sizes 18" x 24", 25.5" x 34", 30" x 40", 40" x 60" Lilac Bouquet My challenge in Lilac Bouquet is to convey the sensual experience of the garden in my portrayal of this lavish bouquet. I want my viewers to delight at the delicate contrast of mauves and purples, to sense the rich perfume of lilacs wafting on the breeze, to imagine the buzz of bees hovering about the flowers. Lilac Bouquet extends my celebration of this regal and fragrant shrub; it is, in effect, a companion to Lilac Gazebo. Lilac Bouquet | 2003 Image Sizes 16" x 12", 24" x 18" 153

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