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Gardens, Gates & Bridges Gazebo of Prayer In my heart, gazebos are truly peaceful places. They seem to exist apart from the world and beacon all of us inside the confines of the small world they capture. To my artistic eye, this gazebo is a perfect place for those seeking a time of reverent renewal and a moment of solitude to be with their God. Join me in the Gazebo of Prayer where we can connect with providence often lost in hectic, everyday life. God Bless. Gazebo of Prayer | 2012 The Garden of Prayer IV Image Sizes 18" x 27", 24" x 36" Savannah Romance Savannah, Georgia has always been a city for romantics. There is no place quite like the Old South for exquisite natural beauty gracefully intertwined with rich history and charming architecture. And no place exemplifies the Old South quite like Savannah. Savannah Romance | 2009 Image Sizes 12" x 16", 18" x 24", 25.5" x 34", 30" x 40" This title is sold out at publisher. Titles that are sold out at the publisher may be available at your local Thomas Kinkade Gallery. Ask for details. 149

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