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Cottages, Inns & Manors The Gardener���s Retreat I am a gardener with a paint brush whose loveliest flowers bloom on canvas. Gardener���s Retreat is a rustic cottage enveloped by summer abundance. I felt energized as I painted; there is a zest, a joyful freedom in the brushstrokes that captivates me. There is a connection between artist and nature that is just so exciting. The Gardener���s Retreat | 2002 Collectors��� Cottage IV Image Size 12" x 16" Collectors��� Society Exclusive. This title is retired. Beyond Summer Gate Summer is the season of color. The full range of nature���s rainbow hues are on display in this floral paradise. In Beyond Summer Gate I���ve compressed the season, allowing the early-flowering dogwood and the late blooming azalea to display their brilliant blossoms together. The tranquility of evening has settled on this country manor, inviting us to stroll the grounds before we settle in for some tea and talk. I hope you will join me. Beyond Summer Gate | 2001 Summer Gate III Image Sizes 12" x 18", 18" x 27", 24" x 36" 107

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