The Nativity

November 17, 2016 ebyrne

Artist Notes

For years, the Faith genre of Thomas Kinkade’s paintings has been cherished and displayed. Whether it was the light cascading onto the wildflowers found in The Garden of Prayer, or the serene setting of a small church hiding in the shadow of great mountains as in The Forest Chapel, many have sought solace gazing into the perfectly orchestrated brush strokes.

During this blessed Christmas season, for the first time, Thomas Kinkade Studios takes us back to the origins of the artist’s deeply held faith – The Nativity – the birth of Jesus Christ. The Nativity is not a part of a series, but rather a stand-alone piece, and rightfully so. The painting is as unique as the child himself.

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Thomas Kinkade Studio’s Limited Edition Pieces are available both online, and through Art Brand Studios Authorized Galleries.  Please call Art Brand Studios at 888-296-0611 or click below to discover more.

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