Eric Dowdle Stratascape

July 7, 2021 asiador

When I was young growing up in a family of 12 children, 10 of them being boys, I was taught many of the lessons from Cinderella by my mother. It was her favorite story, and coincidentally my wife’s also. I wasn’t sure that being nice to my brothers at all times was a good idea, but it was what she believed in.
My wife loved the idea that someday she would be seen for the woman she knew she was. And that her prince charming would sweep her off her feet and whisk her away to a happily ever after. Forty years and eight children later, it is apparent that she has been doing the rescuing and providing the “happily ever after.” In this painting, I wanted to bring Prince Charming to the home and circumstances of Cinderella where in my mind’s eye he could see her life and experiences that helped shape and mold her into the positive and happy person she was. My mom was right. Treat your brothers well and your dreams will come true.

From a pumpkin to a magical carriage, Disney’s Cinderella is featured in this stratascape art by Eric Dowdle. Stratascapes are dimensional artworks individually cut from wood and assembled by hand. These unique pieces are beautifully framed in high quality shadow boxes and are numbered and signed by the artist, Eric Dowdle. To learn more visit:

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